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"For years we used other tax preparer. Every year they messed up and we got fined for the errors. Our banker suggested we use Rene when she heard of our troubles. Its been 4 years now, and every tax return has been higher then when we used another tax preparer and ZERO errors!!!! What sets Rene apart is hes always looking at every angle to help you. He's very creative and keeps asking questions to make sure you include everything. We have learned that there is so much more to filing taxes then just a t4s and donations. Rene is the only Accountant that was willing to educate us and kept looking for new areas of write offs. Recently we came to Rene with an idea for a small business. Rene has helped us grow that idea into a reality. We are way more confident in our company because Rene has been there the whole way, answering all our questions. Ive encouraged all my friends to use Rene, you will not be disappointed!"

Dion Schroeder Detailing

Invested and caring

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rene for a year in my role at Intuit. In my pursuit to help Rene, I got to know him very well and a few things I noticed were how dedicated he was in ensuring the success of the businesses he has the pleasure of working with. His office is very knowledgeable and that's because Rene makes sure training is paramount. I highly recommend Rene to help your small business grow"


Quick books consulting and general accouting


"I've enjoyed the benefit of Rene's expert knowledge of Quickbooks and accounting for several months now. I had been inputting data for some eight years without a bookkeeping or accounting background, and had no real idea of the picture my accounting was creating. All I thought I needed were the figures to keep up my business records and keep on the good side of the Canada Revenue Agency. I took an accounting course when I first started but the gap between the instructor's knowledge and my inexperience was too great to bridge in that particular class and I was hesitant to take another course, fearing similar results. Rene came in and fearlessly tackled the mess I'd spent eight years creating. He dug into the past item by item, statement by statement, until he was satisfied he had found every possible missed item. He found hidden expenses that had lain dormant for years, totally overlooked. It was heroic! He tactfully handled the more embarrassing of my mis-accounting feats, calling them interesting challenges. He cleaned up the accounts, all the while coaching me on the broader points of the QB and accounting. He also coached on the finer points, but as some are still over my head, I'm looking forward to learning still more in the future. All this was a level of service I never thought to find and believe is very unique. Rene has knowledge of the dovetailing industries of both accounting and banking that enabled him to read my garbled books, if not with ease, much more impressively, with such determination and tenacity, it left me cheering on the sidelines. He is extremely generous with both his time and knowledge. He is professional in the aspect of his job that is of the highest importance, the integrity of the product, with the stereotypical accountant's attention to detail. But I would say he is certainly not typical. He goes above and beyond typical and I'm a very grateful recipient of his many gifts and talents."

Julie W.

Highly Recommended


"I have been working with Rocio for about a year and our business efficiency has improved immensely! She is professional, organized and is very thorough with all aspects of business. I highly recommend Rocio and Dinero Enterprises."


Cindy C.



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