Rocio has helped me immensely with my bookkeeping using QuickBooks, and she is very knowledgeable about the programming. Her responses are timely and thorough, but she also encourages you to work through problems so that you, as a user, can solve them yourself. We were also very happy with the way she handles our taxes. Again, she was very thorough and she is also provides you good value for her services. I would highly recommend her!

Lorraine Langlois


Friendly, Professional, Amazing!


"What sets Rene apart is he's always looking at every angle to help you. He's very creative and keeps asking questions to make sure you include everything.  Rene is the only Accountant that was willing to educate us.  Rene has helped us grow an idea into a reality. We are way more confident in our company because Rene has been there the whole way, answering all our questions, you will not be disappointed!"

Dion Schroeder Detailing

Invested and caring

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dinero for a year in my role at Intuit. In my pursuit to help Dinero, I got to know them very well and a few things I noticed were how dedicated they were in ensuring the success of the businesses they have the pleasure of working with.. I highly recommend Dinero to help your small business grow"


Quick books consulting and general accounting


“I had been inputting data into QuickBooks for some eight years without a bookkeeping or accounting  background, and had no real idea of the picture my accounting was creating. Dinero came in and fearlessly tackled the mess I'd spent eight years creating. All this was a level of service I never thought to find and believe is very unique. They go above and beyond typical and I'm a very grateful recipient of their many gifts and talents."

Julie W.

Highly Recommended


"I have been working with Rocio for about a year and our business efficiency has improved immensely! She is professional, organized and is very thorough with all aspects of business. I highly recommend Rocio and Dinero Enterprises."


Cindy C.



You are incredible

I am SO thankful we found you!

Vanessa G.