Personal Returns with Employment Expenses


If your employer requires you to pay certain expenses out of pocket and will complete a government form verifying this, then this is the page for you. These expenses mostly include travel allowance if you are required to travel for your job, or may allow you to claim part of your home office if you work from your home.





Require Forms - These MUST be submitted with all returns claiming employment expenses


New - Information and Tax Checklist.  Please complete this form to ensure that you have not missed any slips or deductions and to ensure we have all of your current information on file.


·      Final Tax Checklist

·      Employment Activities

·      Declarations Of Conditions Of Employment (T2200)


Forms you may need (Only submit if applicable) 


·      Authorization to Represent a Client (to complete during our meeting only if not already on file)

·      Disability Tax Certificate

·      Transport Employees (TL2)

·      Moving Expenses




Guides for completing Employment Activities Forms


·      Employment Activities Guide (Commission Employees)

·      Employment Activities Guide (Salaried Employees)




This is for your own use and does not need to be submitted


·      Mileage Log (Uses Excel)

·      Detailed Home and Auto Expenses Sheet (Uses Excel)




CRA complete list and definitions of what can be claimed


·      T4044 - Employment Expenses